I am writing this blog completely physically exhausted and emotionally spent.

Yesterday was #PKD2016 - or PechaKucha Day - for approximately 500 English II students at my school.

What is PechaKucha Day? Read last year's blog post here.

I will keep my post short, but I wanted to mention how proud I am of all of my students - and all of the students involved - for how hard they worked to pull off an all-day event. I found it especially impressive when the kids took initiative throughout the day. Students were constantly approaching me, asking, "What can I do to help?" They took full ownership of the event and truly drove the entire day.

The audience was encouraged to Tweet their support and reflections throughout the event. Read our Tweets here!

Overall, #PKD2016 was such a rewarding experience for all of us!

Though we had 36 learners present today, I want to share a few pictures that are close to my heart.

3rd Place Marcus, Champion Antonia, and 2nd Place Megan showing off some of their Baylor University swag.

My 6th period support squads and finalists. Top left: Trusten, Finalist Nihar, Austin, and Michael. Middle left: Mushkan, Fiona, Finalist Antonia, Isha. Bottom left: Ali, Tristen, Finalist Nate.

My 7th period support squads and finalists. Top left: Darrin, Aaron, Gerald, Finalist Mihir, Conor. Bottom left: Courtney, Finalist Jade, and Sarah.

I'm so proud of this incredibly talented and passionate young woman!


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