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Waiting for the "Nudges"

I think a lot about how I’ve ended up where I am in both my personal life and my professional life.

Over the summer, as I crafted my blog post about leaving the classroom, I thought extra hard about my career path. If I could go back ten years and ask myself where I thought I would be in my tenth year of teaching, I’m certain my past self wouldn’t have said “You’ll be a Digital Learning Coach.”

Ten years ago, when I began teaching, I taught in a different school district. I was teaching English and drill team. Living my dream. For three years, I loved the time I spent with drill team - if you’ve ever coached anything, you know that means the time I spent was not just during school days, but on nights, weekends, holidays, summers.

After three years, I felt a nudge. I dreamed of building a family. For many reasons of my own, drill team was not going to fit in with my new dream.

So I left drill team.

I stayed at my school to focus on teaching English. By the time the next school year began,…

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