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Taking Care of Teacher(s)

At the beginning of the school year, I wrote a post called “Taking Care of Teacher,” and I talked about why it’s so important - so necessary - for teachers to take care of themselves. I committed to taking time to read for pleasure and to exercise, and I’m proud to say that I’ve stuck to it.

I’m not proud to share that there are other times when I really haven’t been taking care of myself.

Before the school year started, I noticed that I was starting to get fairly frequent tension headaches. If you’ve never had one, take my word for it: they’re miserable. I’d been doing different things to try to prevent them (mostly finding stretches on YouTube I could do to end or prevent the headaches). It helped a little, but the headaches kept on coming. I knew I needed to get to the heart of the problem (my neck) instead of just addressing the symptoms.

So I was standing in the library one day, and I’ll be honest, what I was really doing was complaining about how I’ve been getting these headaches a…

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